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Episode 16

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29th Jun 2023

16 | How Natasha Went from 2% to 50% Income from Coaching

Are you a coach looking to build a successful business? Join us in this episode as we dive into Natasha Weller's journey in building her coaching business and the valuable lessons she learned along the way.

Have you ever wondered how to overcome mindset blocks and gain the support you need to achieve success? Natasha shares her experience of investing in herself and joining a coaching programme that transformed her business and boosted her confidence.

Natasha specialises in career coaching for individuals in their 20s and 30s. Initially hesitant to niche down, she discovered the power of specifying her target audience and attracting clients who resonated with her expertise. Through the coaching programme, Natasha found a supportive community of like-minded coaches, helping her navigate the challenges of self-employment and gain visibility.

One of the most valuable lessons Natasha learned was shifting her mindset around pricing. With Jo's guidance, she overcame her discomfort and started charging higher prices that reflected the value she provided. This shift not only had a significant impact on her business but also boosted her confidence as a career coach. Join us in this episode and unlock the secrets to building a successful coaching business while balancing motherhood and personal growth.

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Introduction to Natasha's journey and the purpose of the conversation.

Natasha's struggles, decision to invest, and positive impact on her business.

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Natasha's decision to specialise in early to mid-career stages and the initial fear of niching down.

The power of defining a specific niche and the misconception about losing clients.

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Natasha's initial fear of investing in herself and the realisation that it was worth it.

The impact of the coaching programme on taking action and overcoming mindset blocks.

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The Impact of the Business of Coaching Programme.

Natasha discusses the positive impact of the coaching programme on her business, including community support, financial benefits, and increased confidence.

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Transition from University Background to Coaching

Natasha talks about her shift from a university career to becoming a career coach and the change in mindset regarding charging for her services.

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Working with Jo Lott

Natasha shares her experience of working with Jo Lott, highlighting the honesty, authenticity, and support she received, as well as the belief in each individual's unique path.

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If you want to get clear on your niche and signature coaching offer, the Signature Solution self-study course will take you through the process. Use the coupon code GIFT to get 50% off in this launch period only (expires 10pm on Friday 19 July). Click the link to sign up now https://go.joannalottcoaching.com/signaturesolution


I'm super excited to welcome [00:00:30] you to the 16 episode of women in the coaching arena. I'm glad to bring you this different type of episode today to hear from one of my amazing clients and hopefully you will resonate with her journey.

you need in your business to [:

And she's also super modest about how well she has done in creating exactly what she wanted and exactly what she went into the program to achieve.

ve or six, like Natasha has. [:

This doesn't mean like Natasha will share that everything is super easy. But I always want people that I work with to take courageous action. [00:02:00] And have the mindset shift to enable you to grow that business. And Natasha has so much potential still left to be unleashed.

But she has achieved so much in this last 12 months that I wanted to share her story with you. And show you what it feels like to be part of the business of coaching.

case study conversation with [:

Super excited to talk to you because I think yeah, you have done amazing, but I don't even think you know it yet. So I'm hoping today's conversation will help you to really let it sink in of how well you have done in the last year or so.

Well, you say year or so? I worked at, I think it's literally a year today. Cause it's my brother's birthday. I remember like feeling last year we're starting on like my brother's birthday. So I think it's literally a year. Oh my God. Since the day I, I started on business of coaching last year, which is quite nice.

Right. [:

I work as a career coach supporting people they want to explore, finding new work or if they're confused about what they want to do.

t when you nailed your niche [:

Yeah. And I remember being really scared of doing that. I think the first few months I was, no, I'm a career coach. Yeah. And that was it. But I knew, I knew that that was kind of my specialism, that was my kind of sweet spot and that kind of, that earlier phase. So it did feel good and it has paid off.

It's good to be able to say, this is what I do.

ry about the niche. You will [:

Those people don't stop wanting to work with you if they want to work with you. Right. Exactly. Totally. So tell us what was going on for you then around a year ago now. Okay. Before you joined. Yeah. So at that point, I've been self-employed for about six months. And I wasn't doing anything to try and attract clients. So I was doing primarily [00:04:30] university work and it was always on my to-do list. So I need to do something to try and work more one-to-one with people. I'd had a handful of clients who had found me through LinkedIn but randomly cause I wasn't posting. So yeah, I wasn't visible, wasn't putting myself out there.

ime last year for sure. Wow. [:

It was always like I had a niggling sense of. I need to do something about this. I want to be working more one-to-one with people. I want to be doing more of the private client one-to-ones, but I wasn't doing anything about it.

ing with individual clients, [:

Not really knowing how to do it. And just waiting for people to find me as opposed to doing anything proactive about it. Yeah. So it's kind of a niggling option, need something about it, but dunno. I don't really know what to do exactly. And do you remember how you felt prior to investing? Because I remember it really clearly and I'm wondering how you, how you remember it.

ember it. Oh yeah. Massively [:

But that was no reflection on you. It's like more like, is it worth it? Scary because by investing in it, I had to do something about it. I couldn't just pay the money, be in this program and then not do anything. So it made it real. All the things that I've been putting off and not [00:06:30] getting round to, I couldn't avoid them anymore.

If I was gonna pay for something, I've had to do it. I'm a bit procrastinator, so Yeah, because I've been employed for so long, like my whole career until October 21, I'd been employed where amazingly, your company will pay for your development, but they'll pay for your course. My coaching qualification was paid for by my work.

or quite a few days about it.[:

And so tell us what frameworks and things in the program were most helpful for you? Hmm. A lot. Everything. So I think what I really liked was that it was a step by step and it was a framework. So Probably the things around marketing, because that's something I had never done in my work before.

I was seeing with people and.[:

I mean, to be honest, everything Jo, there's so much, how to set up, mailerlite a light. There's like, I think a lot of the technical stuff. Yeah, there were so many useful frameworks and useful tools. So many useful tips. It's hard to kind of pinpoint justice one or two really. Yeah, exactly.

e, step by step. So I really [:

Yeah. Yes, I had a website already, but it's not just about the website having a website isn't enough. Right. So I have massively increased and got more comfortable with being visible on LinkedIn. I've added tech in like using Canva, having a calendar link. So there's like a lot of practical things.

e gained so much in terms of [:

It's being more visible. Has enabled me to work with so many amazing people the last year. That's obviously impact. I've had a lot of clients and they've been great people to work with. Lots of different types of people. Even within that bracket, there's still so much variety.

% of my [:

That's what I set out to do, but didn't really know how to build up that. So so that's great. It feels like I've got, Different things going on now. And I've had a few other random, but they're not random. They happen because I was putting myself out and was visible. So I've had some speaking engagements and I've got some other things coming up later in the year that have [00:09:30] come primarily because I'm, I am being more visible.

I'm talking about why I do and that it's o you know, it's okay to do it. So that's something that I've become more comfortable doing and have seen the benefits of talking about what I do, not just expecting people to, to guess or to know, actually just being more straightforward about, this is the kind of work I do, this is who I work with, this is the benefits it's given them. So yes, so much impact. So much support as well, like the community, the connection that's so important to me.

nds and workmates and that's [:

Through, you know, being more out there. So another support we give each other and through the ups and the downs of self-employment and being like self-employed coach. So yeah, it's had so much impact, like untold impact, but also it has a tangible impact as well. It has financially [00:10:30] impacted me, it has impacted my confidence.

It's impacted the makeup of the work I do now. So, yeah it's been completely beneficial in every way. And I think also your story is interesting cuz you come from a university background and I had a conversation with somebody just yesterday who said the average amount per hour for a career coach is 50 pounds.

now. Yeah, definitely when I [:

And to hear what the client needs and then to work out what the best offering is. So it has enabled me to be more confident to charge higher prices that recognise the amount of work and energy and time I put into this.

So what would you say your experience of working together was like?

hat's what I like because as [:

And like that wasn't what I was looking for. I was looking for That your honesty, your authenticity and like, and the clear cut. This is a step by step. These are the nuts and bolts. This is what you need to do. So yeah, I really appreciate they've always been really open, honest, supportive, accessible.

e all very different people. [:

It's like, there's so many ways, there's so many different things we can do, and it's okay to take your foot off the gas [00:13:00] sometimes and it's okay to pause if you need, you know, that there's, yeah, there's not one way to do it. There's not one route. It's not about getting there as fast as you can necessarily.

Sometimes it is, and you have supported us to get things done and I feel because of being on this program, I've done things way faster than I ever would've done on my own. So you encourage us to do it, put something out there, it can be improved later, but at the same time you're always really supportive if for whatever reason we don't do it as quick as maybe some of the other people in the program.

takeaway is from the program?[:

I mean, it's hard to put on one taker. I guess that is the big takeaway. That's the thing that has probably had the most impact for me. And my work and kind of my confidence [00:14:00] as a self-employed career coach. Amazing. Yeah. And I remember you saying that on one of your forms, like I feel like I can say out loud, yes.

I'm a career coach. Yes, yes. Yeah, yeah, exactly. Last year would've been I freelanced universities and seek private clients sometimes, whereas now it's like I'm a career coach first and foremost.

Well what's next is that I'm [:

There's still much more I can keep doing. Oh yeah. So, so exciting for your group program. I'm sure we will plan that on Friday. That'd be great. So who would you [00:15:00] recommend the program to? I already have recommended your program to people, so I would recommend your program to people who feel not quite, like lacking the know-how.

hat you told me whilst I was [:

I don't remember now if it was, but that to me is like, we learn so much from each other. Yes, we have the E learn, and yes we have you, but also those group calls, the things that go on, you know, the support. We give each other that. So anyone also who doesn't feel yet, they have their community and they can benefit from joining a group of like-minded coaches.

ou can learn, like, say like [:

And then there's so many different ways of doing stuff, so, yeah. Mm-hmm. What should others know about working with me? I think they should know that you're going to be supportive for sure but also that you are going to challenge and push them as well.

erience. I feel like you are [:

You know who we are. You are invested in us. You believe in us and you're gonna push us and encourage us, but also support us. Yeah. Thank you so, so much. I've loved working with you and yeah, I I still would love you to let it sink in more how amazing you have done and how you've, you've literally achieved your goal of transforming your business to gain the clients that you want.

Yeah, you [:

I enjoy it and it's all good. So yeah, I do need to recognize my success more for sure. Oh, I know, I'm exactly the same. Thank Natasha.

ing her story. So, you know, [:

If you would like to go all in and grow your business now you will find the details of the business of coaching program in the show notes or on my website at Joanna lot's coaching.com. That's Joanna with an a and locked with two T's Joanna locked, coaching.com.

And like I say, at the end of every episode, trust yourself, believe in yourself and be the wise Gardner who keeps on watering the seed.

Thank you [:

Let me know if you found this episode useful. Share it with a friend and leave me a [00:18:30] review, and I will personally thank you for that. Thank you so much for lis

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